10 ml Flower Car Diffuser
10 ml Flower Car Diffuser
10 ml Flower Car Diffuser
10 ml Flower Car Diffuser
10 ml Flower Car Diffuser

10 ml Flower Car Diffuser

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  • Car perfume ornament bottle with inner plug
  • Glass bottle is very cute and exquisite, suitable for creating a romantic elegant atmosphere.
  • Convenient for travel
        Designed with a string, the bottle can also be hanged in car or home or office .
  • How to use:
    1.Drill hole with an awl in the plastic plug , can be adjusted by the number of holes for distributing scent of concentration

    2.Bottle down essential oils penetrate the wood cover, inverted once a week

    3.Unscrew the cap

    4.Hang it  in place you need the bottle can also be hanged in car or home 

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    Color Blue, Black, Light Blue & White Flower
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