About Our Candles

Depression sucks all of the joy out of life, but it can't extinguish your hope. It can snuff out your motivation and leave you feeling defeated, but it can't extinguish your love for life. Depression breeds negative thoughts, but it can't silence your positive ones. So light a candle in the darkness , because YOU have the power to fight back against depression. Don't let it take control of your life -- take control of it!

Depress-Me-Not Candles are my little lifesavers. Whenever I'm feeling down, or things are just too overwhelming, I know there's always a Depress-Me-Not Candle waiting for me. They've helped me through some of the darkest times in my life, and I can't imagine going without them. That's why, when I decided to start my own candle business, there was only one name I could give it: Depress Me Not Candles. They are more than just candles - they're little beacons of hope that remind us that no matter how dark it gets, there's always light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. 

Our candles are hand-crafted with Luxury Coconut and Apricot blend and a small percentage of paraffin wax. Our candles are non-toxic, burn much cleaner and longer than paraffin wax candles. Hand-poured and cured in small batches and infused with premium fragrance oils that are non toxic, phthalate, paraben and sulfate free.

We use Eco-friendly, crackling, clean burning wooden wicks.  Our glass jars are reusable and recyclable.