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The smell of a candle is almost as relaxing to me now than it was when I first discovered this years ago. Whenever the mood would start feeling too dark or hopeless, there'd be one simple action that could take place anywhere at any time. I'd light up my favorite scented candle and feel instant relief wash over me.


Candles were like a warm hug for the soul when no one was around; transport to a better place with a better state of mind. What about those who have no comfort? No warm hugs, relief, or a friendly ear to pour their worries into. These are the people who take their lives too soon, and I couldn't stand to think that thought any longer.


I am on a mission to bring joy, hope and love into the lives of others. Whether it be through therapeutic scented candles or positive messages I will do my best for those who need help most--that is how "Depress Me Not Candles" came about-as an outlet where you can experience light at every turn!

Amazing product!

"On this gloomy wet windy day in Lake Forest Park in my home, I am enjoying your candle, and knitting. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your candle. Nose in a book, Black amber and Lavender scent is the best on a day like today. The lovely floral decoration inside the candle is a nice touch, reminding me of my beautiful Pacific Northwest nature and setting. I love having it lit as a reading companion as well. Thank you for this beautiful product!."

— Thelma

Thank You!

"I have always loved candles, but @depress_me_not_candles has made me love them even more with this cashmere plum Cry Your Heart Out candle (a gentle reminder that it's okay to release any emotions you need to). It smells incredible and was almost too darn pretty to burn!

— Janelle

This is why I do what I do

"A visit to your booth was like therapy in itself. The messages on your candles are words more of us need to listen and repeat..and to remind ourselves of regularly. I had tears in my eyes when I walked away because your passion and desire not only as a small business owner...but as a woman, a wife, a mother, a community member--your purpose in life to continue to deliver that messaging touches my soul in ways so needed (And the candles smell incredible to boot). Keep doing what you not stop. Thank you for being you"

— Diane