Collection: Wax Away Your Worries

Despite what you might have heard, there are only two types of vibes in the world: good and bad. Good vibes are filled with positivity, abundance, smiles, and all those other sweet things we'd just love to welcome into our lives. Bad vibes? So last season.

But, every now and then, a lousy thought can slip into your glass half full. Before you know it, you're pouring the glass down the drain along with your whole day.  And when you're left with an empty cup, everything else feels pretty empty too.

So how do you get feel-good energy flowing again?  Simple, you turn the tap back on! Then, using a mix of positive thinking, affirmations, and a few well-deserved pats on the back - you can be overflowing with happiness again.

Since I can't always be there to remind you of the turning-on the-tap technique, I figured I'd let my candles do the talking! by inviting these little positivity reminders into your home, you'll never be without affirmation, inspiration, or a reason to be kind to yourself. 

Pick whatever kind words resonate with your positivity wavelength and let the good vibes wash over you along with an irresistible scent  - could it get any better?